We went back in time with Veronica Vera on our 4/11/2021 show! Veronica was a Golden Age Film Star from the early 80’s through the late 80’s. From her work in the “Club 90” era along with Sue Nero, Kelly Nichols, Gloria Leonard, Annie Sprinkle, Veronica Hart and Candida Royalle to her other endeavors in the world of Adult Entertainment, Veronica told stories of her first movie “Consenting Adults” and other great titles. Though she didn’t have a lot of film credits, she was a contributor in so many other areas. Two fitting tributes came from Richard Pacheco and Lynn LeMay, both having the utmost respect for the work that Veronica has done. Along with Richard and Lynn, co-star Jose Duval was in attendance as well as Eric Monti, Cathy Brown and Sean Elliot. Don’t forget to check out Veronica’s Blog called, “Veronica Vera – Now & Then” and her website called, “Miss Vera’s Finishing School.” We thank Veronica for being with us for this great night of history!