Whenever you can get a member of the “old guard” to come onto the Zoom Show, it’s a great thing, because that means you are going to have others from that era like moths to a lightbulb. With that, the Zoom Show is more of a gathering of old friends and stories — and that’s what really makes the show. The 2/28/2021 Zoom Show did not disappoint in that area. Stories were told and memories were relived thanks to some of the other adult stars of the era who popped on to say HI. Among the adult stars who stopped by to say hi where Richard Pacheco, Eric Monti, Herschel Savage, Sean Elliot, Cathy Brown and Sharon Mitchell who added some “adult entertainment” into the mix with her nude tango in her kitchen. If you noticed a part where nobody said a word, that’s when the nude tango was taking place. A fun time was had by all and Jose was very humbled to see everyone!

Sadly, Jose passed away on 1/8/2024.