When I booked Roger T. Pipe for our 1/17/2021 show, it was because I knew he was an Adult Film reviewer with his own website. I knew I wanted to discuss the history of adult films and the future of them. When it came right down to it, I was stunned I’d booked a guest of such great credentials — in more than just the arena of Adult Movie Reviews. Roger has been doing Adult Entertainment movie reviews since 1995 and in 1996 created www.rogreviews.com for what has become his database of over 8,500 movie reviews. Add to that being an XRCO member since 2001, XRCO Hall of Fame Recipient in 2009 and an AVN voting member for 15 years, he was a very good guy to interview. Both Eric Monti, who gets a great review in New Wave Hookers 5 and Sean Elliot chat it up with Roger about his career. Not only does Roger do Adult Movie reviews, he writes for many other publications and has even done some writing for “Gamer” magazines and handbook. Take a deep dive into this Zoom session as it will be worth your time. I’d give it a “10” on the Roger Ratings!