Eric Monti happened to be the right guy at the right time on our 6/14/2020 Zoom Show as we were supposed to have a call from Lisa Sparxxx, however, she had a scheduling mix-up and was unable to attend. Eric was one of the unsung heroes of the Adult Entertainment industry and while he didn’t make any box covers or posters, he was a solid performer from 1983 – 1999 and was in over 100 movies with some of the top talent of the day. It’s always great to have Eric as a part of our weekly Zoom interviews and while this was a “fly by the seat of your pants” show, we do have a better interview with him down the road. It was after this Zoom Show that I decided I would mute everyone and unmute them when I called on them as to not have random noises on the video. Enjoy this short interview with Eric Monti and thanks, Eric for bailing us out!

Eric Monti came BACK to do a formal show with us on 9/6/2020 where he had more names, facts and figures and we did more of an in-depth interview. As always Eric talked about many of his on screen partners and the trials and tribulations of being an adult star. We appreciate Eric taking time out to come back and give us a “re-do” on his first Zoom Show. We were honored that Cathy Brown, Jose Duval and Rick Savage offered input about Eric’s career as well! We are grateful that he joins us most every week on our shows. Enjoy!