One of the most requested stars of the Golden Age of Adult Entertainment for our Zoom Shows has been the one and only Paul Thomas. Even though PT had some resistance to appearing, he did appear on our 3/7/2021 show and EVERYONE came by to say HI. Paul often quotes Groucho Marx when saying, “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member” but it was great to have him on nonetheless as he did fill in for Billy Dee, who we will have on down the road. We talked about his career in front of and behind the camera and some projects he’s working on now including his golf game. A true history lesson on this show as many stars came out to share a story or a memory. The fellow Adult Stars who came out to participate included: Eric Monti, Herschel Savage, Micky Lynn, Melissa Hill, Cathy Brown, Jose Duval, Sean Elliot, Jon Martin, Keli Richards, Eric Edwards, Richard Pacheco and Raven Touchstone — a Who’s Who of the adult industry! Again we thank Paul Thomas for his generosity of time as we went over the one hour mark with a lot of great questions and stories.