There was no better way to start out our 1/1/2023 Zoom Show than with our friend Karen Summer. It’s no secret she’s had some health care challenges in the past, but I wanted to make sure that we gave her some BIG TIME love heading into 2023. Along with our friends, we had special guests including Casey Scott, Cathy Brown, Darby Dee, Richard Pacheco, Jiggy Jaguar, Sean Elliot, James Bartholet and Herschel Savage. To say Karen was touched, would have been an understatement.

There’s still a Go Fund Me site set up for Karen. If you can’t buy a signed photo, then please consider a donation as the financial situations that people are left in while doing through cancer treatments are devastating. Please dig deep on this one, and give Karen and David your support.

UPDATE: Karen Summer passed away from cancer on 12/18/2023 at the age of 61.