In the area of people’s reputations preceding them, Jiggy Jaguar is a case in point. A friend from my small town in Iowa told me about a guy named Jiggy Jaguar who was a part of a social media event in Hutchinson, Kansas back in 2010 or so and I NEEDED to meet him. I friended him on Facebook and that was that. Little did I know our paths would cross a lot and to the point that I needed him on our 4/10/2022 show to talk about his “world.” I did point out a lot of similar radio stories from our time on “terrestrial” radio, to which Jiggy has expanded to his various venues. If you want to follow Jiggy on Twitter hit him up at — AND he is on I Heart Radio as well. Joining us tonight for the fun and games were Erika Ryko and Richard Pacheco!