The last time I saw Erikka Ryko in person was at the late Bill Margold’s Memorial Service in January of 2017 and was fascinated by her personality and her unique look. I was so happy when she agreed to be on our Zoom Show on 6/20/2021 and was more thrilled that she flashed her pearly whites a lot! The biggest question that I got before the show was “Who is she?” Well, in a PR nightmare, she was cast on a box cover by the wrong name, so that is a battle for her identity now. You may find her on Google under Mistress Erikka or Erica Ryko. It’s probably best to just hit up her Twitter page at Erikka Rijks to find her. Along for the ride today were Eric Monti and Sean Elliot, who once again is kicking himself for getting out of the business when he did! A great conversation and a cameo from her dog as well — thanks Erikka for spending some time with us!