With Exxxotica in Washington DC and the AVN in Las Vegas being so close together, I figured we’d just take care of both shows at once on 11/27/2022, since there is quite a bit of overlap. Stars talked about what booth they will be in and what to expect when you see them at either the DC Exxxotica or the AVN. Joining our cast is a plethora of stars including Cindy Crawford, The Mad Harlot, Willow Landsky, Lorenzo, Eric Edwards, Darby Dee, Erikka Ryko, James Bartholet, Victoria Peaks and Sean Elliot! Sadly, Eric’s microphone was not behaving, so we didn’t hear from him. Not only did we talk about Exxxotica and AVN, we also talked about some safety concerns for Exxxotica and some limits on fan access.