On a holiday weekend such as we had on 5/30/2021, you never know who you will have on the show. For the Memorial Day Weekend Zoom Show, I thought Casey Scott would be the perfect person. We chatted with Casey about how he got his start in becoming interested in adult films and adult entertainment. Casey’s favorite line is “I know where all the bodies are buried” and he does spill some tea on some of the performers who haven’t been heard of in years. I also had a chance to read a heartfelt message from Sue Nero, a legend in the adult business who Casey has befriended and brought to shine. In fact, Casey has boosted her confidence up enough that I announced that she will do a PRIVATE SIGNING and items are due on 7/10/2021. Click this link to check it out! Personally, Casey has connected me with dozens of people that I knew existed, but chose to stay in the background — and I’m extremely grateful for that opportunity. Joining us in our Zoom Show was Jose Duval, Cathy Brown, Eric Monti, Eric Edwards, Sean Elliot and Richard Pacheco. Keep up the good work Casey and let’s get that book out soon!