Victoria Peaks – “The Slutty Professor”

Victoria Peaks wants to turn back the hands of time and make some “Old School Porn” with sets and plots and shooting scenes on real cameras and scripts! BUT, she needs OUR help. Time, sets, locations, hotels, flights and more all take money.
Here’s how you can help. Listed below are set items or miscellaneous features that will be for sale after the movie wraps up, so why not own a piece of history?? We also have other opportunities for funds to be raised as well. We could use Go Fund Me or Kickstarter, but due to the nature of the business, we’ll be using PayPal, Venmo or Cash App to make your purchases. All funds raised (minus fees) will go to the movie and its funding needs. A full accounting will be given to Victoria and the needed funds will get to where they need to be.

We are making dreams come true — will you help??

Payment Forms: Please put the description of the item in the memo, along with your email address and physical address. If none of these items appeal to you, you can also just make a donation that will be very much appreciated!
Items that are from the movie will be photographed “in use” or “worn by” the person in the movie.

PayPal –
Cash App – $yankzpat
Venmo – @yankeez

Signed Victoria Peaks PG 8×10$30
Signed Victoria Peaks XXX 8×10$40
Your Name In The Movie Credits$50
“Cameo Style” Shout Out Video From Set$50
Slutty Professor glasses (Limit 20)$75
Your Name Used As A Character’s Name In The Movie (Limit 5)$100
Worn Panties (Limit 5)$100
Worn Bra (Limit 5)$100
Cast Signed Movie Script (Limit 10)$100
Cast Signed Poster (Limit 20)$125
Victoria Peaks Signed High Heels (Limit 5)$150
Worn Bra & Panty Set (Limit 5)$175
Your Name In The Credits As Co-Producer (Limit 4)$200
Sorority Uniform (Limit 5)$200
Be An Extra On Set (Hotel/Transportation/Etc Not Included) (Limit 5)$250
Your Name As Co-Director (Limit 4)$300
Slutty Professor Teacher Outfits – From Business Suit To Slutty Clothing (Limit 8)$300
Cast Signed “The Slutty Professor” Banner (Limit 1)$400
Your Name As Co-Executive Producer (Limit 1)$500