For this show on 10/4/2020 I went on location — YES, all the way to near Portland, Oregon to the home of Miss Sharon Mitchell. My wife and I stayed at her home as her guest for several days and one of them just happened to be a Sunday. When asked about a live Zoom Show, her words to me were, “Abso-fucking-lutely!” I will say this was one of the most attended sessions we have ever done, with over 30 people stopping by to watch or participate. Adult stars who came to pay tribute read like a who’s who and included Eric Edwards, Jon Martin, Eric Monti, Cathy Brown, Jose Duval and Sean Elliot. Sharon talks about the “good old days” and a bit of what she’s up to today. A special thanks to Sharon for opening up her home to us. (Full disclosure: One of the participants was edited out of this final cut due to the nature of his content and has been banned from future interaction with the group.)