Respect, honor and great stories! The Zoom Show on 11/7/2021 was a great night with The Platinum Princess, Seka! A who’s-who of the Adult Industry came out to chat it up with Seka and a fun time was had by all. We talked about her early days and her apperances on various talk shows and even Saturday Night Live. Helping us out with the show were Richard Pacheco, Herschel Savage, Micky Lynn, Lynn LeMay, Cathy Brown, Sean Elliot and a special last minute arrival of Asia Carrera! You can STILL buy a plethora of items AND limited copies of Seka’s book, “Inside Seka, The Platinum Princess of Porn” from her website at !!

A special “Thank You” to not only Seka for being our guest, but for Richard Pacheco for helping out the process! It was much appreciated!