Scott Schwartz and I had attended several events in the Los Angeles area before we really ever “officially” met, but I knew who he was, but was not aware of his connection to the Adult Entertainment Industry. After his career as a child star, he rubbed shoulders with many of the major players in the “Business of X.” The picture above is from the 80th Birthday Party of Jim South from 2019. Sadly, Jim passed away in the fall of 2020, which hit Scott hard. Before Jim’s passing, we had a chance to talk with Scott on 6/21/2020 about his connections AND his collection of memorabilia from the Adult Industry. If there was any drawback to the interview which also featured Eric Edwards and Eric Monti, it was that my computer had just done an update and messed up my microphone settings, so you will have to bear with the distortion. Thanks to Scott for helping our group out in so many ways!!