Our guest for our 11/12/2023 show was Sara St. Clair who wore a VERY sexy dress and luckily for her knee, we are still on YouTube! Sara talked about her hobbies, love of horses and scary movies, PLUS her book that you can find on Amazon. Her book is called “Romance Costs Extra.” Those members of our Adult Entertainment Group will have to join to find out how to get an autographed copy. She told us that she’s on the schedule for X3, but will skip AVN for a year. Lorenzo, Jiggy Jaguar and Richard Pacheco were with us as well to ask questions and dig for information. Due to a conflict with a dinner date, we cut our interview a bit short so she could multitask for the evening!

Order her merch – www.FanGear.vip and just search for Sara St. Clair !!