We applaud Samantha St. James for being on with us as she is in mid-travel along the Eastern Coast of the USA traveling to Florida and was able to pull over, check into a motel and do a Zoom Show with us on our 11/20/2022 show. Samantha, was also known as “Meridian” back in the day, talks about what she’s been up to lately and about possibly appearing at Exxxotica in Washington DC in a few weeks and at the AVN after that. She has a wild history and will hopefully be writing a book about her adventures. She talked about how she started out and the rest is history! Among the special guests we had were Richard Pacheco and Darby Dee. Samantha apologizes for dropping her phone a couple of times — her arm got tired!

We look to see more from Samantha St. James as she develops more of a web presence and gets more active in other Social Media venues — Follow her on Twitter at https://twitter.com/SamanthaStJame2 and her Link Tree – https://linktr.ee/samanthastjames.