We were so honored to have Nikki Dial do one of her first interviews with us on 12/18/2022 as she has come back on the scene! Nikki was JUST at Exxxotica in Washington DC and we talk about her new fans, her old fans and everything in between. A great turnout for this one that included Sean Elliot, Richard Pacheco, Eric Edwards on mute (dang), James Bartholet, Darby Dee and Cathy Brown. While some of the questions were broad and far reaching and some were just comments of being glad that Nikki was back on the scene. Shout outs to Christy Canyon for helping to line this up and a BIG shout out to Mike Horner for being a great guy that everyone worked with back in the day. This was fun and we welcome Nikki back anytime she wants to come back!