“You’re not too old to have sex!” That’s what Richard Pacheco exclaimed after hearing our guest on 10/9/2022 talk about her life and her journey into the Adult Entertainment Field. Our guest was 70 year old Michelle – The GILF Of Your Dreams, and I first found her on a YouTube video talking about how she got started and how her popularity on OnlyFans skyrocketed overnight! I will say that the time we spent with Michelle was VERY informative and if nothing else, people may get several “life lessons” out of it. She is a true inspiration and an example of what living life to the fullest is about. From her work in an office, to being a “Full Service Body Massage Therapist” to being an OnlyFans star, she has a lot of stories to tell. HOPEFULLY, this will translate into a podcast down the road for her!
You can find Michelle on several social media and websites – www.Twitter.com/m70056www.TerryTownGal.comwww.OnlyFans.com/terrytowngal to name a few. She’s also made two porn films and was in several magazines. Look for more content (including a podcast) down the road from a great gal, Michelle – The GILF Of Your Dreams!