Kay Parker
1944 – 2022

This gathering was held on Sunday, October 30th, 2022 for a friend, a peer, an aunt, a co-star, and a shining light in the Adult Entertainment Industry — Kay Parker. Kay passed away on October 14th at a Los Angeles Hospital at the age of 78. This memorial was held at the North Hollywood home of David and Cindy Bertolino with the birds singing and a slight breeze. Stars from the Golden Age of the Adult Entertainment Industry were on hand to say a few words, shed a few tears, smile a few smiles and laugh a few laughs. 

Host David Bertolino invited Richard Pacheco to lead the group in what soon became a congregation gathered in Kay’s name.   Pacheco told a story of how he had met Kay and what she came to be in his life and then and passed the floor to Eric Edwards who offered his tribute.  Herschel Savage and Veronica Hart followed.  All spoke from the heart with voices filled with gratitude, appreciation, love, and kind words that trembled with sadness.  A dear friend from Kay’s later life as a spiritual counselor, a gentleman by the name of Gilbert, spoke twice and read a poem that he wrote on Kay’s behalf that was once a favorite of hers. The host David Bertolino also spoke about Kay’s many visits to this place where we had now gathered to share our last good-byes.  

While Kay was not PHYSICALLY at the event of course, she did make her presence known as a spoon flew off of a table unexpectedly with no apparent help from the wind or any outside elements. That simple act comforted many of the guests to know that Kay’s spirit was free and traveling. 

The following is the video from the event.  Hear each person in their own heartfelt words express their feelings toward their dearly beloved friend, Kay Parker.

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