Well, I for one cannot believe that it’s been a year already!! Our 4/25/2021 Zoom Show was dedicated to those who have been with us for many, many weeks throughout the year and have made our world brighter. When I started out, it was to promote the Adult Entertainment Star (no matter what era) and maybe help them make a few extra bucks signing photos or promoting their OnlyFans or Skype Shows. After a year, it’s turned out to be more of a Sunday night get together of friends and fans PLUS an interview show. Adult Entertainers who were among the celebration included Eric Edwards, Cathy Brown, Richard Pacheco, Sean Elliot, Lynn LeMay and James Bartholet who really gave us a good “real time” evaluation of the current climate in adult entertainment. We also spent a bit of time in reflection of the past year and connections that the group has made between fan and entertainer on a more personal level.

A number of people reached out during the show to thank me for making these weekly Zoom shows possible. Richard Pacheco said more than once, “Patrick, you are building and growing something here.” I have to say, I hope that I am and one day I hope that people are going to be on my waiting list instead of the other way around. Time will tell and with your participation, I hope it is an industry recognized product.