What happens when you combine the “Queen of Sweaty Sex” with the “Most Epic Ass” on a Zoom Show?? You get our 3/26/2023 show featuring Carmela Clutch! This gal has both body and brains and really impressed our group with her knowledge and drive to get ahead, not only in the adult industry, but in other aspects of entertainment. Carmela talked about some of her performances, but gave our attendees some behind the scenes info on the things that SHE is interested in and what she has picked up in the last 3-4 years of her career. This “self-described” nerd lets it all hang out when it comes to what she feels makes great content. In her words, “Content is king, but traffic is God!” We also welcomed Richard Pacheco and Sean Elliot who really enjoyed their time with Carmela as well.

Follow Carmela’s journey from newbie to adult star by following her on social media via Twitter and Snapchat @carmela_clutch and Instagram at @officiallyclutched.