It was a bang up of a Zoon Show on July 4th as our scheduled guest Billy Dee was supposed to be on, however, he was a no show. But, as I always say, “The Show MUST Go On” so we did our best. Not letting the opportunity go to waste, we had Richard Pacheco, Eric Edwards, Herschel Savage, Eric Monti, Keli Richards and Sean Elliot who just wanted to chat about “the good old days” and a few Billy Dee stories cropped up. The crowd who did come out to watch the 7/4/2021 Zoom show did not leave disappointed and they immersed themselves into the stories as well. We also remembered Joe Spallone, father of Rob Spallone who passed away early on the morning of the 4th of July as well. In the meantime, we may see a collaboration of a book with Eric Edwards and Richard Pacheco and other things discussed as well. An entertaining session, you don’t want to miss it… like Billy did.