It’s not everyday you have a true Golden Age LEGEND stop by our Zoom sessions, but on 4/18/2021, we were fortunate enough to have the one and only Annie Sprinkle stop by and chat with us. We talked about how she went from being “The Queen of Kink” to an Ecosexual and a few stops in between. We had a wonderful time with many of Annie’s friends stopping by to say HI. Among the Adult Entertainment Stars who stopped by to chat included: Richard Pacheco, Eric Edwards, Sean Elliot, Cathy Brown and Jose Duval. Richard Pacheco wrapped up the show with a very touching monologue on what Annie has meant to the industry and to others. It’s worth watching, so watch until the end.

Again, a true honor to have Annie Sprinkle with us. As she has requested, here are a few links to her special projects going on now. Her website is and she’ll be selling her newest book “Assuming The Ecosexual Position: The Earth As A Lover.” It’s available at and should be available around late June of 2021.