I will be doing a Private Signing with THREE Adult Stars and ONE Legendary Child Star in July. I’ll be in Florida where I will be seeing the following stars in person at a private event. Sue Nero, Lisa Cintrice, Karen Summer AND child star Mason Reese will be signing autographs for their fans. All prices are listed below as everyone will sign for the same pricing, to make things easier for everyone. The due date for items to be at my house and money paid will be July 10th, 2023.

Mail items to:
(Performer Name)
C/O Patrick Palmer
114 3rd Ave NE
Hampton, IA 50441

OR PayPal your order (with your choice, personalization – if any, and address) to yankeez@mchsi.com

Cash and Money Orders accepted as well — To Patrick Palmer.

Pricing structure:
Your Item, Your Return Packaging, Your Postage = $20 Each
Your Photo, My Return Packaging, My Postage (Tracking) = $30 Each
Your Poster/Magazine/Baseball, My Return Packaging, My Postage (Tracking) = $40 Each
My Picture, My Return Packaging, My Postage (Tracking) = $40 – 2nd/3rd Photos = $30 Each
Add An Index Card To Any Order = $20 Each
Index Card ONLY, My Return Packaging, My Postage (Tracking) = $25 Each

Sue Nero – 1

Sue Nero – 2

Sue Nero – 3

Sue Nero – 4

Lisa Cintrice – 1

Lisa Cintrice – 2

Lisa Cintrice – 3

Lisa Cintrice – 4

Karen Summer – 1

Karen Summer – 2

Karen Summer – 3

Karen Summer – 4

Mason Reese – 1

Mason Reese – 2

Mason Reese – 3